Network Construction/Management
COSMOSONIC21 provides consistent service from network design and procurement of hardware/software to network construction.
For operation management, we can manage network operation based on the best operational design by conducting research and analysis on network environment not only our own design network but the existing customer's network environment.
< Examples of Network Construction / Operation Management >
LAN for Research Institute
LAN for in-plant clerical functions
LAN for IT company
< Examples of Server Construction / Operational Management >
FTP Server
Mail Server
Web Server
Proxy Server
DHCP Server
DNS Server
Database Server
File Server
WOL Server
Fire Wall
Network Maintenance Service
In case of customer's network trouble, COSMOSONIC21 takes prompt and appropriate actions to recover the network without interference with customer's operations. After the recovery, we also analyze the cause of trouble and problems, and then make a proposal to maintain a stable network.

Please consult with us if you have any trouble managing your network such as:
There is no person who is familiar with computer (no network administrator) in your company.
There is no structure for quick action in case of trouble.
You have trouble getting through to a customer support center and it interferes with your daily operations.
You want to keep network management in low cost because of expensive labor of professional network administrator.

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