Network Project

Network project is one of "three pillars" of our advantage that are advanced technology research of web application, satellite operation support and network.
The objective of our network project is to gain skill and knowledge to design, configure and operate more convenient and safe system through its project activities.

Our own network construction associated with moving of headquarters of COSMOSONIC21 was conducted by this project. This led to not only improvement of members' skill, but also acquisition of knowledge for designing and constructing of system.
Currently, to advance the project, the members intend to make the network to be more easily-managed and more robust system.

Nowadays, computers, mobile phones and information appliances are essential in our daily live. The network fundamental to these instruments is absolutely important lifeline of people's lives now and in the future. Furthermore, the hardware and technologies employed in the network keep improving and evolving at rapid speed.

We, network project, utilize evolving technology and are engaged in gaining knowledge and skill to design, construct and operate more convenient and safe network system by constructing our network, leading the development of our company's advantage.

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