System Operation/Management
COSMOSONIC21 has accumulated results on operations of mainframes and various servers. We have ability to manage a series of system operations from making operation plan to operation management.
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Mainframe operation management
Server operation management
Library management

Satellite Operations Support
"Micro LabSat", a small demonstration satellite, was developed by JAXA to foster young engineers and launched on December 14, 2002.

For 4 years from the launch of Micro LabSat until its mission completion in September 2006, COSMOSONIC21 provided around-the-clock assistance to the satellite operations, such as receiving telemetry from the satellite and its analysis, and sending command.

In parallel with those operations, we designed and developed various types of software necessary for receiving telemetry, sending command and analyzing data in order that the satellite operations could be conducted more efficiently and accurately.

Currently we are working on operating the Small Demonstration Satellite "SDS-1", which was developed by JAXA and launched by the H-IIA Launch Vehicle No.15 on January 23, 2009.

We are also engaged in another new small satellite mission. In this mission, we are contributing to quality improvement of satellite operations by supporting design, development and construction of operational system for the new satellite.

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