Katsuyoshi Fukushima President and CEO

In chaotic times of the 21st century, the current environment surrounding business is changing wildly such as: deregulation of business, globalization of management, technology innovation, speeding up economic or business activity. Not a few companies pursue efficiency or interests in order that they can survive in highly competitive markets in adapting to these environmental changes. However, COSMOSONIC21 thinks that "human power" can lead the innovation. There is no way we can grow unless each and every one of the employees grows. We think that building a humane relationship without expecting quick profits is the basic foundation of developing organization.

Specialized worker dispatching businesses and Information technology services are growing rapidly. These markets will get more competitive and we might require advanced skills and techniques. Under these circumstance, we have consistently placed importance on cultivate a "humanity". Because we believe that a comprehensive ability including personality makes it possible to offer customers special knowledge and technique with high added value. "A team consisting of engineers with high skill and humanity." This is the organization we should be.

COSMOSONIC21 puts the life of employees first. We want our employees to be fulfilled at work. We therefore support those who are trying to achieve their goals through work, and we provide job opportunities for their efforts to be rewarded in society. For the future, we hope to create a better environment where employees can combine career and family life.
Making contribution to society is one of the important responsibilities. We will positively contribute to regional society by offering jobs to those who are not able to demonstrate their abilities because of various barriers and conditions.

Giving the highest priority to humanity, COSMOSONIC21 will continue to strive to be a company where a person who has a strong will can work with dreams, hopes and prides, and it is of value to society.

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